Are you interested in learning about how your faith values can influence the fight for health care reform? Join Faithful Reform in Health Care for their weekly conference call on Wednesday, July 15 at 2 PM Eastern.

Topic: Launching “Let Your Light Shine for Health Care”

In last week’s meeting with the national leadership of our faith communities, the repeated refrain from Congressional and Administration staff was: “Your members of Congress need to hear your voices. The moral imperative for change must be heard over the voices of opposition.”

Why is there such urgency in their voices? On July 6, the Washington Post reported that “the nation’s largest insurers, hospitals and medical groups have hired more than 350 former government and retired members of Congress” as lobbyists to influence the direction of health care reform. In addition, it is reported that $1.4 million per day is being spent to protect their interests. No matter how much we have done to advance faith-inspired values in recent months, we must press on. What happens in the next eight weeks — especially during the August Congressional recess — will be critical in determining the path into our health care future. Lots of special interests are weighing in on the debate. Our interests in reform will be part of public discourse ONLY if we put them there.

Join us for our weekly conference call on Wednesday to hear the details about “Let Your Light Shine for Health Care” — our August effort to make sure that people of faith are very visible and that their voices are heard in support of health care reform that includes all of us. Hear about the new Tool Kit and how to make a Candlelight Vigil, Prayer Breakfast or Prayer Service happen easily! Start planning now to be a part of letting our light shine all across the country! Show up early to get these amazing bracelets that our congregation have made using bulk beads.